We will take care of it for you!

We understand that customers have different needs. Some emphasize low price to control their purchasing costs; some prefer stable supply to ensure their long-term production plan; some require quick turnaround to respond to the fast-changing market; some need specialty products to serve niche markets; some want price lock-ins to protect their purchase from market fluctuations; and some desire creative payment terms to meet their working capital requirement. Let us know your specific need, and we will work with you to make it happen.

Quality Assurance

With our reliable supplier network, our products go through rigorous test, hold and release programs to ensure compliance with the specifications that customers require.

Price Assurance

With our deep market insight and risk management expertise, we aim to offer competitive and predictable prices for our customers.

Quantity Assurance

With our extensive global sourcing network, we strive to provide stable supply to ensure the smooth business of our customers. We also offer additional supply to meet their unexpected quantity needs.

Marketing Services

We work with our suppliers to actively market their products to international customers. Meanwhile, with our ties with food science and technology at leading universities and research institutions in North America and China, we also assist our customers to develop new product applications and implementations.

Logistic Services

We do not ship products to you. Instead, we deliver the right products to you at the right time. With our special ties with shipping companies, custom clearing and inspection organizations, we make the product delivery process quickly and efficiently. With advanced technology, we are able to provide seamless and automated logistic services to check the visibility on the supply chain shipping.

Financial Services

We design customized solutions to suit your needs for financial services. We can help you manage price risk, credit risk and currency risk to make international trade safer for you. We also provide flexible trade finance to make international trade more convenient for you!