Our People 

Our amazing people have extensive industry experience, diverse cultural background and unparalleled professional expertise. Below are the selected profiles of our people.


Carol Ye — Founder & CEO

Ms. Carol Ye is the founder and CEO of Farm Breeze International. Before starting Farm Breeze, Carol worked in various functions of agribusiness including trading, marketing, strategy, risk management and private equity investment in the US, Canada, New Zealand and China. Carol started her career as a trader in a Canadian dairy commodity trading company, where she developed dairy trading business in China and Southeast Asia markets. Then she attended the MBA program, during which she first worked at Cargill, world’s largest agribusiness company, to help improve its power trading strategies and then at Tatua, a century-old dairy cooperative in New Zealand, to develop a dairy price forecast and risk management project. After her MBA, she worked in the New York-based headquarter of Bunge, a leading global agribusiness company, to conduct fundamental analyses on grains and oilseeds markets, develop futures and option market analyses, and assist the company’s proprietary trading desk. Subsequently, Carol worked at the private equity arm of Black River Asset Management to invest in agricultural and food companies in China. Carol received her MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business in the USA and her Masters of Science in Agricultural Economics from McGill University in Canada.